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Review - Mystify: Michael Hutchence is a movie starring Helena Christensen, Michael Hutchence, and Bob Geldof. Ghost Pictures and Passion Pictures and a documentary feature about the troubled heart and soul of Michael Hutchence, lead singer

Documentary, Biography

Countries - Australia

Writed by - Richard Lowenstein

release Year - 2019


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MOVIES 11:02 AM PDT 6/20/2019 by Tribeca Film Festival An intimate snapshot of the late INXS frontman. Michael Hutchence is recollected by his friends and family in this documentary by Richard Lowenstein, the director of several INXS music videos. Documentary biopics about tortured geniuses are a dime a dozen, and while Richard Lowenstein's tribute to late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence doesn't exactly reconfigure the form, it should prove essential viewing for the subject's fans: a tender portrait of the man's highs and lows that sheds new light on the broken years that directly preceded his suicide at 37. Mystify: Michael Hutchence made its hometown debut at the Sydney Film Festival last week after earlier premiering at Tribeca. Lowenstein directed several clips for INXS as well as casting Hutchence in his 1986 feature Dogs in Space, and his proximity to the singer's sphere has helped him to enlist former girlfriends (Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen) and friends (Bono) in telling his story. Some of them have even provided camcorder footage and photographs from their personal collections. Their recollections play underneath tour footage and snippets from the band's media appearances at the height of their fame, soundtracked by some of the group's biggest hits and an elegiac score by Dirty Three's Warren Ellis. Hutchence himself emerges as a sweetly shy character, with killer looks and a certain ethereal quality that made him irresistible, in a manner not dissimilar to Ayrton Senna. Asif Kapadia's 2010 portrait of the F1 legend is arguably ground zero for the current boom of biodocs that eschew talking heads for archival collage, though Lowenstein smoothly integrates interviews with figures — managers and record producers, Hutchence family members and personal assistants — who never appear onscreen. The band's formation and early days touring Australia are dealt with swiftly, underlining the sheer number of gigs that honed Hutchence's voice and electric stage presence before INXS broke out with international singles like "What You Need. Need You Tonight" and "Never Tear Us Apart. The latter was inspired by the singer's breakup with girlfriend Michelle Bennett, who talks movingly about the toll that touring exacted upon their relationship. Minogue, too, speaks affectionately of her former beau, and the pleasures — food, sex, travel — that defined their time together. The director and his co-editors Tayler Martin and Lynn-Maree Milburn double back, after tracking the star's ascent, to his childhood, where a lifelong sense of guilt was instilled in the boy when his mother split and took Michael along — but left his little brother behind. The good qualities Hutchence inherited from his parents are nevertheless convincingly sketched; a certain star power from his model turned makeup artist mother, and from his father an ability to put people — women in particular — at ease. Hutchence is heard summarizing Patrick Suskind's novel Perfume for Minogue's benefit, and the late singer's fixation on the book attains a kind of ironic fatalism when he's punched by a taxi driver, years later, while out cycling with Christensen — and loses his sense of smell. Christensen recalls the anger the incident engendered in her hitherto gentle boyfriend, and his insistence it be kept secret. This is reinforced when his bandmates recall how much their frontman changed after the "bike accident" how much they knew about the incident is left dangling. The downward spiral that follows is compounded by the declining fortunes of the band, crystallized by Noel Gallagher publicly labeling the singer a "has-been" onstage at an awards gala while Hutchence looks on, as well as the London tabloid frenzy surrounding his relationship with Paula Yates, the wife of Bob Geldof. His eventual death in a hotel room is attributed to the pain caused by his separation from Yates and their daughter once the singer embarks on the Australian tour that would become a final homecoming. Lowenstein includes tracks by Hutchence contemporary Nick Cave and Nils Frahm (along with Ellis, Cave and Frahm composed the score for the director's last film, 2015's Ecco Homo) in addition to INXS hits. But even more than the music, what shines through is the lead singer's magic as a live performer. The film takes its title from the band's 1987 single, and it captures the strange alchemy that occurred when Hutchence went onstage — transforming from an uncertain young man into a rock god with a lightning gaze who embodied come-hither confidence. Production companies: Ghost Pictures, Passion Pictures Director-s creenwriter: Richard Lowenstein Producers: John Battsek, Andrew de Groot, Mark Fennessy, Maya Gnyp, Richard Lowenstein, Lynn-Maree Milburn, Sue Murray Cinematographer: Andrew de Groot Editors: Tayler Martin, Richard Lowenstein, Lynn-Maree Milburn Music: Warren Ellis Venue: Sydney Film Festival Sales: Dogwoof 102 minutes.

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Mystify 3a michael hutchence live. Anybody else listening this great song on 2019. Its great. To the Reddit Conspiracy Gods: I come to you in need of help, on a project Ive been working on for nearly five years. Lives may be at stake, on multiple continents. My team went public two weeks ago. But we were shut down immediately by facebook, and I was “shadowbanned” on twitter several days after that (this has since been lifted, but Ive started seeing signs that it might be coming back. The project Ive been working on involves one of the more controversial celebrity deaths of the last 30 years – it involves a famous Rockstar, Michael Hutchence, and his Financial Manager, Colin Diamond, who is connected to the mafia, and who essentially disappeared after the rockstars body was found, and liquidated his clients entire 22 million estate (valuation in 1997 – over 100 million now) – the financial manager now island hops between various countries (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc) on his yacht (named “Elusive”) and has multimillion dollar houses all over the world, purchased using his former clients money. I have been working with major media organizations around the world for several years now, trying to get this story out there, but it always ends up getting shut down. I was told, by my main source, that this would be the case, from the very beginning. I thought they made some sense, but didnt fully believe them. Then, I experienced it directly. Journalists and editors from major media organizations worked with us, told us they thought our story was credible, but told us they could not publish it, that every major media organization in their part of the world had been threatened with lawsuits by the people we will be revealing, and, moreover, “they were afraid of ‘who these people know. ” That is a direct quote. From a producer at the largest media organization in a major OECD country. The rockstar around whom this project revolves is Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS. For those who are too young to know, INXS were one of the biggest bands in the world in the late 1980s (before Guns n Roses, and then Nirvana & Pearl Jam. They toured to sold-out crowds worldwide and sold over 50 million albums. Michael Hutchence, the lead singer, was considered one of the greatest frontmen in rock history, readily compared to the likes of Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger. Entertainment Weekly called him “the definition of sex from 1987-1991. ” A documentary about his life – and very skimpily about his death – has been premiering at film festivals around the world for the last month or so (Tribeca, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne) and will release wide to the public in Australian theatres in two weeks (July 4th. It will then air on Australian TV in November, to coincide with the anniversary of Michaels death, and eventually sell wide to distributors around the world (likely HBO, Netflix, etc. The reason I come to you is because I have seen this documentary, and I have spoken with its Director (going back several years) and an ENORMOUS PART of what really happened, the lions share, I would argue, is not even MENTIONED in the documentary – and this is the same part of the story that all the other major media organizations REFUSE TO PUBLISH – all of them refusing to do so OUT OF FEAR. Out of fear of lawsuits (the main culprit – Colin Diamond. claims to be a lawyer [although you wont find a practicing law certificate with his name on it in any of the jurisdictions where he claims to practice law {i. e., the places I mentioned he hops around. but, again, and perhaps more honestly (as this is how it was expressed to me) out of fear of “who these people know. ” I have an abundance of material about this project, but I need your help in EXPOSING it to the public. Because weve gone public, and been shut down, my sources and myself are in EXTREME DANGER. Currently, they are in a secure location, but, for reasons I cannot disclose, that will not last forever, so the clock is ticking. Time is not on our side. We need to expose this, as far and wide as possible, over the coming weeks and months, so it becomes SO BIG that the major media organizations can ignore it no longer. They will have to publish on it, because it is ALL OVER the place already, ON THE INTERNET. (Ftr, I was approached last month by a journalist, who works with one of the largest newspapers in the world, asking if we want to go public, through them, but, having already worked with this outlet before, a couple years back, I have doubts as to what would really happen, and how much of what we have to say would actually get exposure [lets just say, our experience the last time around was not encouraging. Because of the volume of information I have about this topic, it will be a bit difficult to curate it all into one tidy post, but I will do the best I can to post the most crucial information in this initial post, and will post further information down the line, as it makes sense to. I also plan on making myself available to answer as many sensible questions as you all may have, and as I have answers to. If I do not know something, I will let you know. And if I do know something, I will let you know, to the best extent possible, and as honestly and openly as I can, how I know what I know, and how confident I am in that particular piece of knowledge. I dont claim to know absolutely every possible thing there is to know surrounding this topic, there is just too much to know, and much of it is tightly held, and extremely secretive, but I do have a vast amount of both public and non-public information on this topic (I have multiple inside sources, as well as non-public, damning, unseen documents, as well as deep contact, over many years, with members of the rockstars family. With all that being said, it would seem an appropriate time to start walking you all through the most relevant information and both the public and non-public evidence I have compiled. There is too much information to reasonably fit into this first post, so the following will be my best attempt to quickly and succinctly provide you all with everything you need to get a strong handle on the subject, and to get started down whatever avenue(s) you/we all decide to go. These are a few pictures of Michael Hutchence, in case you're not familiar: The following are some of INXS bigger music videos and biggest concert (1991, London, Wembley) so, if you're not familiar, you can get an idea who the band and rockstar/lead singer (Michael Hutchence) are: Here are some other important clips, mostly from the mid-to-late 90s, before Michaels death: Here are three major documentary-style productions that were done, from the late 90s and early 2000s, after Michaels death (note: not a single one of them MENTIONS Colin Diamond, or what he did with Michael Hutchences estate – which is one of the primary angles of our investigation) These are clips of three people highly involved in the matter (Paula Yates & Tiger, Sir Bob Geldof) not long after Michaels passing: This is a piece of shit two-part miniseries that came out in Australia in February 2014 – its fucking awful, especially if you know whats really going on (Colin Diamond, the financial manager, was behind this production) but feel free to torture yourself for three hours if youre the masochistic type: These are some more recent clips that are relevant. MISSING. Tim Farriss, lead guitarist of INXS, brings up theory that Michael might've been murdered>> This is the documentary released in October 2017 by the financial manager. After 20 years of basically hiding from the public eye, he suddenly emerged from the shadows, just months after I had spread the story of what hed done to hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, privately. His appearance in it came as a last-minute addition, and surprise, and in it he clearly is still in possession of Michaels personal belongings, as if he has some appropriate claim to them. Those, like the rest of Michaels assets, should undoubtedly belong to Michaels family, as part of Michaels estate, and according to the terms laid out in Michaels Will. It is also obvious that Diamond is living on an extremely nice property, most certainly paid for using Michaels money. We were aware that Colin Diamond was in charge of this production from a very early stage (we received threatening phone calls from his puppet / thug / public face, Ron Creevey, prior to its announcement) and warned members of the family, and others, that, regardless of how the production was being presented, Colin Diamond, ultimately, was in control of it. In the end, he used this production to further control the narrative, alternating between themes of suicide and autoerotic asphyxiation, when it comes to Michaels death, so as to confuse the public, and keep the spotlight off not just his theft of the estate, but the third possibility (murder) as well. This is the trailer for the documentary that is premiering at film festivals right now – to be released wide in Australian theatres in a month (July 4th, 2019) then possibly in theatres worldwide, and then on tv in Australia (the ABC) in November 2019, and then likely tv/streaming worldwide, on HBO or Netflix. In this article by Variety magazine, about the release of the first of the two documentaries mentioned immediately above (the one by the financial manager) we went public for the first – and until two weeks ago, only. time, about two years ago. At the time, I kept my sources private, as this was our first attempt at going public, and was only temporary; this time around, we are going COMPLETELY PUBLIC, for the LONG HAUL, and thus revealing my sources identities. What was so interesting about this first attempt is who it attracted (one of the Diamond brothers, et al) and how much the comments section of this article BLEW UP. For those who are not aware, the comments section at Variety, the worlds most reputable magazine for those who work in the entertainment industry, are highly moderated, and usually include serious entertainment industry professionals – they tend to be much higher brow than your typical comment section on the internet. Take note of the INSANE response from Stephen “Stevie” Diamond. He is the brother of Colin Diamond, Michaels financial manager, and was Michaels estate attorney. He is an absolute space cadet, but is, as strange as it sounds, also highly intelligent, and a cunning lawyer. Now, if those responses from Stevie didnt seem plausible to you, didnt seem realistic, didnt seem like a real person could have possibly written them; well, I recommend you watch this, a music video made by Stevie Diamond, in front of a candlelit grand piano, singing to Michael, and Michaels daughter, Tiger, in the afterlife: Stevie also recorded several CDs singing Michaels songs, spending thousands of dollars to have them professionally recorded. He believes he channels Michael Hutchence, and that he communicates with Michael in the afterlife. He still owns Michaels journals, and many other of Michaels personal affects, that were left in Room 524, after Michaels death, and can regularly be seen wearing one of Michaels leather jackets. He rented the room out, where Michaels body was found, every weekend, for two years, after Michaels death. Amongst other things, he used to perform seances in the room. Heres a screenshot of my facebook takedown notice, which happened within 15 minutes of the page being put up (immediately after I asked the director of ‘Mystify: Michael Hutchence, Richard Lowenstein, to be my friend. Richard knows full well who I am – we have discussed this topic in private (including via email) and, as you can see from the Variety article above, he was one of the first commenters in the same comment section I first went (semi- public in two years ago. Heres my twitter page, devoted to this topic: And here are screenshots of my initial posts, in case my twitter page gets shut down again (it took a full five days til twitter started shutting it down the first time – they have since put it back up, but Im starting to see signs that they might be taking it down again soon – I believe multiple parties [the Diamonds, Richard Lowenstein, et al] might be trying to shut it down. These are the some of the most important articles to gain a strong understanding of whats gone on. The first is by one of the top investigative journalists in Australia – Kate McClymont – with whom Ive discussed the issue, written originally in 1998, not long after Michaels passing, and updated over the subsequent seven years, as more and more court cases were resolved, regarding Michael's estate (it was written for the Sydney Morning Herald, the largest newspaper in Australia, and the same story was carried on the media conglomerates [Fairfax Media – one of the largest, if not the largest, media companies in Australia] other papers [Ive included the version that was published in The Age, another major newspaper in Australia] – we call this “The Missing Millions” article: The second is by one of New Zealands top journalists, Tony Wall, written for a larger newspaper in New Zealand, the Sunday Star Times. It came out in 2005, about two weeks after the above article. I have also talked with Tony Wall about this topic. It goes into detail about Colin Diamond's shady personal life, including how Colin divorced his wife, and married her daughter (his stepdaughter, and the [8-yr old] flower girl at his wedding to her mother) as well as how his wife described him as a mystery to everyone around him, including his family, constantly traveling in and out the country, to locations and for reasons unbeknownst to his wife and family (think: mafia/underworld. We call this the “Black & White” article. In this article, published about two weeks after Michaels death, Kym Wilson, Michaels longtime friend, and the last person known to have seen him alive (just hours before his body was found) says he absolutely was NOT suicidal, as she talked with him for five-plus hours that night, and originally believed he mustve been murdered (this article has been taken down / become very difficult to find, so Ive provided the screenshot here) In this article, published in 1999, about 15 months after Michaels body was found, two investigative journalists for The Courier Mail, a respectable newspaper in Australia, detail the Mafia connections to the story, and to Michaels financial manager, Colin Diamond, and to his accountant (Ive also included the screenshot here, as, like the previous article, it has been taken down / become very difficult to find. In November 2017, The Paradise Papers (a sequel to The Panama Papers) were released. The ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) divvied up the 13 million (hacked/leaked) files into 96 different jurisdictions. For Australia, the biggest story was how Michael Hutchence got rolled up into the whole affair. His financial manager, Colin Diamond, had used the oldest offshore tax haven firm, the same one the Queen used, Appleby, based in Bermuda, and in existence, doing this kind of stuff, for over 100 years, to set up an offshore company/trust for Michael Hutchences estate. He claimed to be the sole beneficiary owner of the trust, and thus all the assets in it. He had put all of Michaels multimillion dollar properties from all over the world, into the trust, so as to not count them as part of Michaels estate. Thats how he avoided giving those assets to Michaels family, which is what should have been done, per the Instructions in Michaels Will, which was last updated in October 1996, about one year before Michaels body was found, in his suite at the Ritz Carlton in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia, right before he and the band were to embark on their three month 20th year reunion tour of Australia. Putting all of Michaels real estate assets aside, into the trust, so as to not count them as part of Michaels estate, and thus not have to give them to Michaels family, per the Instructions in Michaels Will, is MOST CERTAINLY a violation of Colin Diamonds Fiduciary Duty, as Michaels financial manager, and as the Executor of the Trust. Putting HIMSELF as the sole beneficiary owner of that trust, is also most certainly an EGREGIOUS BREACH of Fiduciary Duty. And REMOVING MICHAELS FAMILY MEMBERS, as beneficiaries of the Trust, and REPLACING THEM with his OWN FAMILY MEMBERS (his parents – Gloria and Clifford - and his two sons – James and Liam) which is what he did, is likewise a BLATANT AND EGREGIOUS VIOLATION OF FIDUCIARY DUTY. This is not what Michael wanted. What he wanted was clearly spelled out in his Will. He wanted his estate to go to his charities and to his family. Seeing as how the estate is now possibly worth over 100 million, and is COMPLETELY in the possession of Colin Diamond, this alone is a GRAVE INJUSTICE (let alone what else Colin Diamond might have done, to secure the estate for himself [a little publicized fact is that, for the last year of Michaels life, he was fighting with Colin Diamond over his estate, and especially so the last 4-6 months; and Michaels portfolio was due to revert back to his control within days {some accounts say “weeks. but all accounts corroborate that it was to happen within a month} of Michaels body being found. The following articles explore The Paradise Papers, and how they relate to Michael, his financial manager, and Michaels estate, which was stolen by his financial manager. One of the most important pieces of information we learned from this leak was that Appleby, upon being asked to set up the offshore company/trust for Diamond, put a red flag on the account, due to the long history and rife potential for abuse of the estate by Colin Diamond (i. e., his stealing it from the family. Amazingly, despite putting the red flag on the account, Appleby still set up the account for Diamond anyway. If youre going to become a part this, you should definitely read these articles: These articles dive into the mafia connection to the whole affair: This is an episode of the ABCs (Australian Broadcasting Corporations) Four Corners investigative journalism show. It is the longest running tv show in Australia. Sort of like 60 Minutes, but they focus the entire hour on one subject. My main source and I served as sources for this episode, as well as several of the articles covering the above. In this article, from February 2014, between nights one and two of that terrible miniseries, “Never Tear Us Apart, ” which I mentioned above, Michaels sister-in-law, Mandy Nolan, delivers this gem: “The INXS story is extraordinary if youre a fan… its about a band [making] it big in the states [in a way] that [no one] had ever done before, and doing it in an unconventional way. But [this miniseries] I think is a boring story… it doesnt feel like a drama. [The period leading up to, and following Michaels death, is what makes the real story an amazing story] That [story] is of Shakespearean proportions; Michaels estate going missing, his daughter going into the custody of his partners ex-husband, the man he despised most on the planet basically, the familys imploding, his financial manager, who was also Tigers guardian, basically going missing, along with all the assets. ” THAT is what makes this story of Shakespearean proportions…. This article does an excellent job going in-depth and covering the latest developments (as of its publishing in November 2017) surrounding this story. My team and I were sources for this article as well. This article, which was published online, and updated over the years, does an excellent job bringing in an abundance of additional information that might be relevant to this issue. Most all of the information is legitimate and checks out, whether the connections he draws do as well, is up to you to decide. As I said at the beginning, I have an abundance of information about this topic. Above, I have tried to compile and curate the most important information you should know in order to get a handle on this topic. But I have much more information I still have yet to provide. I am trying to build a movement here, so that we can bring this cunt amongst cunts, Colin Diamond, to Justice. Everybody involved in this story is too terrified to even speak his name. You wont see a single tv or movie production that mentions him, other than the one which he controlled, and, even then, I believe he only included himself because his hand was forced, as an attempt to soften the blow of being exposed (privately, but widely, and to powerful and influential people) and reestablish control of the narrative. The producers of other such features are just too afraid to bring him into the picture. He has threatened every major publication in Australia, and others elsewhere, that if they run with this story (and connect the dots too strongly) he will bring a lawsuit against them. Thats how he still controls this story. Thats how he controls the narrative. And if the public does not become aware of the reality, he will keep on getting away with… well, with whatever it is hes done. Michaels daughter, Tiger, is set to inherit the trust when she turns 25, or, at least, that is what is supposed to happen. What will really happen… well, lets just say we are concerned. If there was foul play involved in Michaels death, and we have reason to believe there very well may have been, whos to say Diamond will actually hand over the entire trust – all (potentially) 100-million-plus of it – to Tiger, as he is supposed to. He claims, at every opportunity, to be Tigers “godfather” and “guardian, ” but, the reality is, he has had almost zero contact with her for her entire life. Furthermore, she has tried to get in contact with him, and with his lawyers, to figure out what exactly is going on, what will happen, with the trust, but, to the best of my knowledge, she has not been able to get in contact with him. Just as, presumably, he wants it to be. This is what he does. He island hops from place to place, on his yacht, named “Elusive” (Michael actually gave him the nickname “Mr. Elusive” – back before Diamonds infamous “elusiveness” turned on Michael, the last year of Michaels life. Its essentially impossible to get a hold of him, if he does not want you to, and thus, you cannot serve him papers, to get him into court (he never once showed up in court, in all the previous trials, to the best of our knowledge. And this is exactly how he wants it to be. That way, he can continue living off and exploiting Michaels estate, and nobody, seemingly, can do anything about it. We just fear, that, given the people Diamond is connected to – “who he knows” – that before Tiger turns 25, a similar fate might *coincidentally* befall her, that befell her father, and her mother, and her sister. If this sounds like something that you would like to GET INVOLVED IN, to HELP STOP, to HELP BRING JUSTICE to this ABSOLUTELY UNJUST CRETIN, then PLEASE, JOIN ME, JOIN US, and lets GIVE THIS FUCKER WHAT HE WANTS LESS THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD: as much PUBLICITY, as much EXPOSURE, as much of a SPOTLIGHT, on WHAT HES REALLY DONE, on WHATS REALLY HAPPENED, on WHATS REALLY GOING ON, AS WE CAN. Lets not let the fear of lawsuits, from this vile, unjust cunt, deter us. Acting alone, each of us could be picked off. Legally, or otherwise. But acting in concert, acting together, we can give this fucking cunt what he deserves, and maybe, just maybe, right this horrible wrong, turn what is unjust into justice, save Tiger from a potential “mishap” before she turns 25, get Michaels family his estate, as laid out in his Will, and bring to light the true story of what really happened to Michael Hutchence – a story, as Mandy Nolan put it, truly “of Shakespearean proportions. ” Whatever help you can offer would be appreciated. At a minimum, if you can FOLLOW THE appropriate ACCOUNTS, on SOCIAL MEDIA, HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE, that would be amazing. If you can do more, that would be appreciated, too. Feel free to reach out to me here, or on social media, if you have any information about this, know people who do, can help with some aspect of this, and/or just want to get involved. As I said above, I have an abundance of information about this topic, and will be checking back in here periodically, so feel free to ask me any related, worthwhile questions, and if theyre reasonable, Ill try to get back to you as soon as I can. Best, Claude Crow.

4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. Footage shot by the INXS frontman and his circle illuminates his life and death INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. Photograph: Andrewde Groot T heres a kinship between this charged portrait of the charismatic INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and Amy, Asif Kapadias Amy Winehouse documentary. Its not so much the shared tragic trajectory of the two stars, more the fact that both films expose the British media at their most salacious and savage, and both draw on a cache of candid video material shot by the subject and their inner circle. The latter is a key element in the success of Mystify – we frequently view Hutchence through a friendly lens rather than the increasingly hostile ones that surrounded him. The result is enlightening and affecting, providing a missing piece in the puzzle of a life prematurely ended. Watch a trailer for Mystify: Michael Hutchence.

Documentary examining the life and tragic early death of charismatic INXS singer Michael Hutchence, from his early childhood to his suicide in a Sydney hotel room on 22 November 1997, aged just 37. Richard Lowensteins absorbing, often disquieting documentary on magnetic INXS frontman Michael Hutchence was ten years in the making, and what a labour of love it is. Not just Lowensteins for his subject — he made nearly 20 promo videos for the band, dating back to 1984, and arguably thus played a key role in Hutchences public persona — but also the singers sometimes troubled love for life, and his friends, familys and lovers abiding fierce affection for him, despite (most often unintended) pain caused. Piecing together his life via intimate home video footage and candid reminiscences — voice only — from ex-girlfriends, bandmates and close relatives, its a bittersweet, melancholy, often dreamlike eulogy. Particularly touching are extended scenes from his ‘controversial relationship with then squeaky-clean princess of pop Kylie Minogue. At the time many couldnt quite get their heads around the pair, but here we see them travelling together more-or-less anonymously like any other backpacking couple. Theres a sweetness to their love that is genuinely touching — and its clear from Minogues frank reminiscences that their time together still lingers. We also ‘meet Michele Bennett, the woman whom Hutchence was dating at the height of INXS early fame, and for whom ‘Never Tear Us Apart was written — we discover she was also one of the last people with whom he made contact, their closeness (as with so many of his exes) continuing years after their split. Lowensteins film fleshes Hutchence out into a relatable, quixotic, flawed but deeply engaging character. Most shocking, though, is Helena Christensens revelation of a catastrophic random incident that forever changed Hutchences outlook, and goes some way to explaining how someone who exuded so much joy could end his life in such a tragic and untimely manner. Increasingly lost and desperate as his relationship with Paula Yates became more difficult, the last act of Lowensteins film makes for a difficult watch, and reveals the coroners much-debated verdict of suicide to be hard to question. On a less personal note, lo-fi video footage of his side project, Max Q, proves that even without his main band, he was a hypnotic performer who had so much more to offer. While not solving the riddle of the man, Lowensteins film nonetheless fleshes him out into a relatable, quixotic, flawed but deeply engaging character, and offers a long overdue insight into one of rocks most underrated and missed musicians. An illuminating, moving and quietly shocking account of Michael Hutchences short life. A must for fans, but Lowensteins lyrical, meditative piece offers a compelling account of one mans passion that exudes warmth and humanity.

Those man my. only Michael could pull that off and make them look so my. 's so missed. Mystify michael hutchence release date. Mystify: michael hutchence showtimes. Mystify: michael hutchence download. Mystify michael hutchence showtimes. Mystify michael hutchence abc. I still miss his presence today. Never like Geldolf since I saw him speaking about Freddie Mercury, I even told some people this guy doesn't look like a good person, more like he's extremely jealous of Freddie and now I hear this for the first time and it sounds all too weird. I can't say I was a big fan of his but I respect his work. RIP Michael.


All INXS did was put out awesome jams. I love Michael Hutchence as a musical artist and had read his biography "Lost boy of INXS" by his sister, Tina, which was an excellent read. Unfortunately for me, this documentary fell very short of expectations. We don't actually get to see or hear a lot of Michael, other than what's already out there on YouTube etc, and the editing was extremely choppy and disjointed. Sound quality was very bad too, with alternate scenes of closed captions and non-closed captions. I'm not old or deaf, but would have appreciated clarity on the muffled voice over. Mystify michael hutchence. So incredibly sad <3. I am still so sad that Michael left this planet when he did and the way he did. I feel a connection to him that I cannot explain? I wish I could have met him as well and perhaps been a good influence on him. What a gift he was to us earthlings. May he rest in peace with Paula. If I had the power to bring back only one person, it would be Michael Hutchence.

Mystify 3a michael hutchence remix. Mystify 3a michael hutchence review. Good riff, good bassline, good drums. Obviously the vocals and the image. This song is just right. Thank God you uploaded his version of this song. Mystify michael hutchence 2019. Mystify 3a michael hutchence deutsch. Mystify michael hutchence bbc. INXS were my teen band. I worshipped them and saw them live twice. Looking back now, they were bloody brilliant. Tight arrangements and great melodies and lyrics. RIP Michael Hutchence. Mystify michael hutchence netflix.

Ahaha all these thirsty comments 😂😂😂😂. Died far too young such a great singer a great stage performer and true music legend r.I.p. 'Cause I'm not sleeping. Mystify michael hutchence review. In all INXS none has your beauty I see your face and I will survive. Mystify michael hutchence where to watch. Mystify: michael hutchence documentary release date. Mystify michael hutchence 94043. Do you hear him singing Im better than Oasis. Mystify: michael hutchense trailer. Mystify 3a michael hutchence translation.

Mystify michael hutchence richard lowenstein. Saw them for the last time 20 years ago today. My favorite band. Michael my favorite singer. Will miss and love him till the day I die.

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As her husband and his family tighten their control over her life, she must confront the dark secret behind her new obsession. stars Haley Bennett. Mystify Michael Hutchence was flying high as the lead singer of the legendary rock band INXS until his untimely death in 1997. Richard Lowensteins kinetic yet intimate documentary examines Hutchences deeply felt life through his many loves and demons. Recorder: Beginning in the 1970s, Marion Stokes recorded an incredible 70, 000 VHS tapes of unfiltered daily television. At the time, her compulsion raised eyebrows, but revisited through the lens of todays media landscape, Stokes unusual lifes work becomes an extraordinary archive of television—and American—history. Scheme Birds, teenage troublemaker Gemma comes of age in her fading Scottish steel town. But in a place where “you either get knocked up or locked up, ” innocent games can easily turn serious. 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Mystify: michael hutchence documentary us release date. Critics Consensus Engrossing for casual listeners as well as hardcore fans, Mystify: Michael Hutchence sheds a poignant light on a life and career cut short by tragedy. 100% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 36 96% Audience Score User Ratings: 184 Mystify: Michael Hutchence Ratings & Reviews Explanation Tickets & Showtimes The movie doesn't seem to be playing near you. Go back Enter your location to see showtimes near you. Mystify: Michael Hutchence Photos Movie Info At the height of his internationally renowned career, a sudden blow to the head robs the famously sensual rock star of his most cherished senses. A series of personal battles follows, ending tragically with his death at the age of 37, the night before embarking on a world tour. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Jan 7, 2020 limited Runtime: 108 minutes Studio: Fathom Events Cast Critic Reviews for Mystify: Michael Hutchence Audience Reviews for Mystify: Michael Hutchence Mystify: Michael Hutchence Quotes News & Features.

Mystify michael hutchence youtube. Als die Nachricht seines Todes 1997 um die Popwelt ging, erschien sie wie eine weitere tragische, aber längst zur Routine gewordene Randnotiz im Musikzirkus. Nach Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain und so vielen anderen hatte anscheinend auch Michael Hutchence die Begleiterscheinungen eines Lebens im Rampenlicht nicht verkraftet. Hatte er den Namen seiner Band INXS allzu wörtlich genommen und alles im Übermaß genossen? Ein Dokumentarfilm wirft ein neues Licht auf die kurzen 37 Jahre des Frontmanns. Dass für den 1960 geborenen Australier nur Platz in der ersten Reihe war, darüber sind sich seine ehemaligen Weggefährten einig. An den Instrumenten zu schlecht, aber mit einer einnehmenden Stimme und einem durchdringenden Blick gesegnet, hätte er früh Starqualitäten nachgewiesen. Als 17-Jähriger gründete Hutchence mit seinen Kumpels Andrew Farriss, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengilly und Garry Gary Beers die Band The Farriss Brothers. Zwei Jahre später nannten sie sich INXS und starteten durch. Die Zeit bis zu ihrem internationalen Erfolg mit dem Album Kick (1987) bringt Regisseur Richard Lowenstein in nicht einmal 30 Minuten hinter sich. Nicht die einzige Stelle, an der er das nötige Gleichgewicht vermissen lässt. Hutchence‘ Blick hat auch heute noch etwas Geheimnisvolles. Ob Zeitzeugen oder Nachgeborene – dieser Aura kann sich kaum einer entziehen. „Wenn er dich ansieht, ist es echt schwer, das zu ignorieren. Es zieht dich zu ihm – und Dinge aus dir heraus“, beschreibt Michelle Bennett, von 1982 bis 1987 Hutchence‘ Lebensgefährtin, dessen Ausstrahlung. Wie alle Interviewpartner dieses Dokumentarfilms kommt auch sie nur aus dem Off zu Wort. Lowenstein, der die Band gut kennt und diverse Musikvideos für sie gedreht hat, verzichtet komplett auf Talking Heads. Die Aussagen, bekanntes und zum Teil unveröffentlichtes Archivmaterial hat er zu einer temporeichen Collage montiert. Die Form beeindruckt, der Inhalt enttäuscht. Hutchence‘ Persona nicht unähnlich, entwickelt auch der stete Bilder- und Gedankenstrom schnell einen Sog. Über den kreativen Prozess, darüber, wie der Frontmann seine Texte schrieb oder inwiefern er an den Kompositionen der Songs beteiligt war, erfahren wir wenig bis nichts. Obwohl sein Umfeld den Musiker als schüchternen Zweifler zeichnet, der als ernsthafter Künstler wahrgenommen und nicht nur fürs „Arschwackeln“ und als „Sex-Gott“ goutiert werden wollte, kommt die Kunst in diesem Film viel zu kurz. Stattdessen konzentriert sich Lowenstein auf den Menschen. Doch auch hier herrscht ein Ungleichgewicht. Lowenstein räumt auf mit dem Bild des exzessiven Pop- und Rockstars. Er zeigt Hutchence als liebenden Sohn, Bruder und Vater und als häuslichen Partner, der seinen Freundinnen – darunter so berühmte wie Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen und Paula Yates – selbst auf Welttournee treu war und sich mit Minogue süße Liebesfaxe rund um den Globus schrieb. Intime, berührende Momente. Er war ein Genussmensch, der Literatur und gutes Essen liebte. Umso schwerer wog der Verlust seines Geruchs- und Geschmackssinns – ein bis heute weithin unbekanntes Kapitel dieses kurzen Lebens –, der einen großen Teil zu Hutchence‘ Depressionen beigetragen haben dürfte. Den dürften aber auch Drogen gehabt haben, die selbst die als brav geltende Minogue im Film erwähnt. Gerade hier bohrt Lowenstein nicht tiefer. Dafür blickt er beiläufig auf eine unschuldigere Zeit, vor der Totalüberwachung durch Kameras in jedem Mobiltelefon und vor dem Dauerbeschuss in den sozialen Netzwerken. An Hutchence‘ Seite reist Minogue unerkannt mit dem Orient Express nach Venedig oder turtelt Christensen unbehelligt durch Paris. Und die Fernsehmoderatorin Paula Yates, damals noch mit Bob Geldof verheiratet, rekelt sich in ihrer Sendung ungeniert vor laufenden Kameras mit Hutchence auf einem Bett, ohne den heute obligatorischen Shitstorm befürchten zu müssen. Die britische Klatschpresse war freilich schon seinerzeit unerbittlich. Als es in Hutchence‘ Leben richtig bergab ging, beschwerte er sich bitterlich über die Berichterstattung. Er spricht von einer „Mobbing-Mentalität“ und Frauenfeindlichkeit. (Meghan Markle und Prinz Harry können dieser Tage ein Lied davon singen. Und er äußert die Befürchtung, selbst irgendwann auf der Titelseite zu enden: „Den Leuten ist es egal, ob du dich umbringst. Sie freuen sich eher darüber. Das gibt eine gute Schlagzeile. Na ja, ich hoffe, ich werde keine Schlagzeile. “ Mystifiy zeichnet ein facettenreiches, weitaus differenzierteres Bild von Michael Hutchence und den Begleitumständen, die zu seinem Selbstmord führten, als das bislang der Fall war. In den entscheidenden Momenten vermag aber auch Richard Lowenstein nicht, hinter das Mysterium zu blicken. Am Ende ist Hutchence doch zu einer Schlagzeile geworden. Mystifiy zeigt, dass hinter jeder Schlagzeile ein Leben steckt.

Despues de QUEEN ahora saldra la peli DE INXS😂 That opening riff defines 1987 for me. That opening riff defines 1987 for me.
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Epic band that RULED THE 80's. I seriously doubt that any 80's band of this genre can beat them. Is that possible. Wham maybe? I dunno! R.I.P. Michael Hutchence. Such an epic singer and performer by light years! And the videos couldn't be anymore perfectly orchestrated. Everything was PERFECT. Lol this would be Soul excalibur song from soul eaters song lol this would be Soul excalibur song from soul eaters song I see your face, I will survive. I love these guys. But hey are trying too hard to be hardcore these days. Haha and who ended up being a bigger band with more money. Stay humbled or be humbled. Who does he want to give him the award.

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Will still be listening to this in 2020. Mystify michael hutchence documentary full. Mystify: michael hutchence - imdb. Mystify michael hutchence trailer reaction. Mystify michael hutchence full movie. Mystify michael hutchence watch online. Mystify: Michael hutchence. We love you, Michael Hutchence. Mystify michael hutchence kylie minogue.

Mystify: Michael Hutchence Theatrical release poster Directed by Richard Lowenstein Produced by Maya Gnyp John Battsek Sue Murray Mark Fennessy Richard Lowenstein Lynn-Maree Milburn Andrew de Groot Written by Richard Lowenstein Starring Michael Hutchence ( See below) Music by Warren Ellis Cinematography Andrew de Groot Edited by Tayler Martin Production company Ghost Pictures Passion Pictures BBC Music [1] Distributed by Madman Ent. (Australia) Dogwoof (International) 2] Release date 25 April 2019 ( Tribeca) 4 July 2019 (Australia) Running time 102 minutes [3] Country Australia United Kingdom [4] Language English Box office 1. 1 million [5] 6] Mystify: Michael Hutchence is a 2019 documentary film about the life of musician, actor and singer-songwriter Michael Hutchence, lead vocalist of the Australian rock band INXS. It is written and directed by Richard Lowenstein and relies primarily on rare archive footage, outtakes, private home video and audio commentary provided by friends, ex-partners, band members, record producers and family. An Australian-British venture, the film was co-produced by Ghost Pictures, Passion Pictures with Madman Entertainment and Dogwoof serving as distributors. It is in association with Baird Films and Film Victoria. Mystify: Michael Hutchence had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on 25 April 2019, and was theatrically released in Australia on 4 July 2019. [4] 7] The film was released in the United Kingdom on 18 October receiving generally positive reviews from critics. Synopsis [ edit] Mystify covers the life of INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence which features private home video and archive footage. During the relationship between Minogue and Hutchence, previously unseen privately shot footage shows them in Hong Kong harbour, on board the orient express, and at Hutchences home in the south of France. In the early 1990s an incident occurred while bicycling on holiday in Copenhagen with then girlfriend Helena Christensen, where Hutchence gets shoved to the ground by a taxi driver, hitting his head on the curb and losing consciousness. According to Christensen, Hutchence was rushed to hospital and woke up determined to leave. The injury resulted in Hutchence having permanent loss of sense of smell and taste. Clips show Yates and Michael Hutchence in a 1985 interview on Channel 4 's rock magazine programme The Tube and many years later on The Big Breakfast interview in October 1994. Recollections with voice-overs in the film include Michele Bennett, Kylie Minogue, siblings Rhett and Tina Hutchence, father Kelland Hutchence, stepmother Susie, producer Nick Launay, Bono and INXS band members, composer and keyboardist Andrew Farriss, guitarist Tim Farriss, bassist Garry Gary Beers and drummer Jon Farriss. The film ends with INXS performing at Londons Wembley Stadium and the song "Mystify" plays over the credits. Production [ edit] Development [ edit] Plans for a biographical drama film about Michael Hutchence were being developed with a script written by Australian film-maker Richard Lowenstein. Lowenstein had previously collaborated with Hutchence in Dogs in Space and INXS music videos. The film was to feature an actor as Hutchence, however the idea of casting someone proved very difficult and with the announcement of the miniseries INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, it made the director switch to an archival documentary. [8] The documentary film gathered early development funding and support by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Screen Australia and Film Victoria. [9] A pitch trailer was produced and shown at the 2016 Australian International Documentary Conference in Melbourne where BBC Music took interest. [9] In July 2016, it was announced that a documentary film about the singer-songwriter Michael Hutchence had the official support of INXS band members and manager Chris Murphy, with Richard Lowenstein signed on to direct. [10] 11] 12] 13] The director conducted the first interview (for the biopic research) in 2010 with U2 lead singer Bono who were on tour in Melbourne. Band members from INXS were then interviewed and filmed in 2011, gradually building up an archive of footage. [14] 15] During the interview process, Lowenstein had decided to record just the audio, having individual interviewees in a dark recording studio. A total of around sixty people were interviewed. [16] 15] Tapes of archival footage of varying quality were found in the directors attic lost for twenty years. [15] In October 2017, long negotiations began for the rights to use INXS music in the film, but ended with no deal due to a dispute with Murphy of Petrol Records over the documentarys ownership in return. This lead the director to produce an edit of the film with no music from the INXS catalogue. [15] Eventually, Lowenstein made contact with Hutchences daughter Tiger Lily (the daughter of Hutchence and Paula Yates) in London, through Susie Hutchences advice. Lowenstein flew to London in October 2018 to meet. After viewing a rough cut of the film, Tiger Lily made contact with the bands management and record company. A day later, a deal was struck to use nine INXS tracks. [15] The post-production and supervision of the film were completed by United Finishing Artists with the sound mixing done at Soundfirm, Melbourne. [17] Music [ edit] Composer Warren Ellis was in charge of the film's music and score. [18] The documentary features various digitally-restored tracks which were remixed by Giles Martin in Dolby Atmos supplied by INXS. Music also included are by Hutchence, Max Q with Ollie Olsen, Kylie Minogue, Nick Cave, instrumentals by Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. [19] The film includes tracks, such as. Never Tear Us Apart " and " Sometimes. 20] Lowenstein stated that there has been no official soundtrack album released, 15] however, a complementary album was released on 5 July 2019 titled Mystify: A Musical Journey with Michael Hutchence. Release [ edit] The world premiere of Mystify: Michael Hutchence took place in Manhattan at the Tribeca Film Festival on 25 April 2019, including a live Q&A session with the films director after the screening. [21] Over the next few months it played in festivals around Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany and New Zealand, building anticipation: at the Hot Docs in Toronto, Sydney, Munich and New Zealand Film Festivals. [22] 23] 24] 25] Advance screenings with Lowenstein in attendance for special Q&A sessions followed in June, at the Astor Theatre in Melbourne, Ritz Cinema in Sydney and the European premiere held at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. [26] 27] 28] An official trailer was released on 4 June 2019 and featured the songs " Mystify " and " Never Tear Us Apart " by INXS. [29] 30] It was released in cinemas across Australia on 4 July and in New Zealand on 12 September through Madman Entertainment. [31] Initially the film was screened out of competition during the BFI London Film Festival on 4 October 2019 at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema [32] 33] and then released in the United Kingdom on 18 October through Dogwoof. The Netherlands saw a release on 24 October by Piece of Magic entertainment. [34] 35] In the United States Fathom Events and Shout! Factory will theatrically release the film for one-night-only on 7 January 2020. [36] Broadcast [ edit] In Australia, the documentary was aired by ABC Television during 24 November 2019. [37] Channel BBC Two aired the film in the UK on 28 December. [38] Home media [ edit] It was released on DVD, digital and Blu-ray disc in Australia by Madman Entertainment on 25 November 2019. [39] It contains twelve special features including early days - where they discuss the bands formation, acting, discussing Prague where three INXS music videos were filmed and Professor of Psychiatry, Steve Ellens analyses into Hutchences death. [40] Dogwoof released the film in the U. K. and Ireland on 9 December. The extra features include an interview with director Richard Lowenstein and producer Chris Thomas, deleted scenes and theatrical trailer. [41] 42] It entered the UK Official DVD Chart at No. 98, the week ending 21 December. [43] Reception [ edit] Box office [ edit] Mystify: Michael Hutchence grossed A 1. 1 million (US705, 044) 44] in Australia and 453, 851 in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of 1, 158, 895. [45] 46] 5] Australia [ edit] In Australia it made A368, 642 (US257, 216) from 114 screens including previews and festival screenings, in its opening weekend, finishing tenth at the box office grossing A485, 825 (338, 979) in the week ending 7 July. [47] 48] 5] It made another A179, 000 (125, 772) from 79 screens in its second weekend with a 51% decrease from the first week; finishing thirteenth and grossing A761, 000 (534, 167) through 11 days. [49] 5] On its third weekend the film made A83, 000 (58, 678) from 55 screens finishing seventeenth grossing a total of A893, 000 (US628, 874. 50] 5] After the fourth week of release, the film shown on 61 screens had a total of A988, 000 crossing the A1 million mark before the following weekend. [51] 52] 53] On its ninth week at the end of August it was played on 10 screens grossing a total of A1, 141, 000. [54] 55] Other territories [ edit] On its first weekend in New Zealand it made US8, 713 across 21 screens. It made another 1, 329 from 7 screens on its second weekend. By its fifth week it had grossed a total of 14, 699. [56] 57] In the United Kingdom it made 62, 776 (81, 453) from 8 cinemas with an average of 7, 847 (10, 182) per screen in its opening weekend, finishing twelfth at the box office. [58] 59] It made another 10, 146 (13, 021) in its second weekend, with the film added to 3 screens over the previous week for a total of 11; grossing 79, 199 (101, 641) through 12 days. [60] In its third weekend it made 4, 578 (5, 929) shown on 9 cinemas, 61] and in its fourth weekend the film fell 72% to 1, 434 (1, 834) screened at 4 cinemas. [62] On its fifth weekend it made 1, 353, a drop of 6% and on its sixth it made 621 on 3 cinemas. [63] 64] On its seventh weekend it made 3, 139, a 405% increase of over the previous week to have a U. box office total of 110, 345 (142, 767. 65] Critical response [ edit] Upon its premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, the film received positive reviews from critics. On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 100% based on 35 reviews, with an average rating of 7. 26/10. The site's critical consensus reads, Engrossing for casual listeners as well as hardcore fans, Mystify: Michael Hutchence sheds a poignant light on a life and career cut short by tragedy. 66] Metacritic assigned the film a weighted average score of 73 out of 100, based on 8 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews. 67] Variety film critic Katherine Turman described it as "While Mystify in many ways amplifies the tragedy of Hutchence's death, it also goes a long way toward explaining and humanizing it. 68] In a positive review for Vogue, Laird Borrelli-Persson wrote " Mystify is proof that Hutchence was, and is, much loved. Also missed, in excess. 69] Graham Fuller of Screen International called the film a "Stand-out documentary" and wrote, The densely woven and worshipfully presented archival footage of the INXS frontman, on stage and off, is a reminder that in terms of wild talent and Dionysian sexiness, he belongs in the same company as Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, and Robert Plant. He concludes: What lifts it above the majority of documentaries about celebrities and artists is its extraordinary intimacy. 4] Harry Windsor, writing for the Hollywood Reporter, said: It should prove essential viewing for the subject's fans: a tender portrait of the man's highs and lows that sheds new light on the broken years that directly preceded his suicide at 37. 70] Leigh Paatsch writing for the Herald Sun gave the film 4/5 stars, saying: Quite wisely, the new documentary Mystify: Michael Hutchence doesn't concern itself with smoothing out all the erroneous wrinkles that have crumpled the late INXS frontman's life story over time. 71] Karl Quinn of The Age called the film Lowenstein's "slow-burning labour of love. 72] The Australian 's David Stratton summed up the film as "a terrific documentary, and as complete a portrait of this talented singer as you could wish. calling it "a detailed and revealing portrait" he rated the film four out of five stars. [73] Vicky Roach from The Daily Telegraph gave the film 3 out of 5, saying: While its more visually interesting, there are times when this storytelling device results in a kind of emotional disconnect. And although they corroborate Lowensteins version of events, the bands role in Hutchences story feels strangely under-amplified — emotionally and musically. She summed up the film as "A measured, personal, densely woven account of the man behind the myth. 74] DM Bradley, writing for the Adelaide Review, said: Richard Lowensteins beautifully sad documentary study of the all-too-short life of his late friend Michael Hutchence is a most moving memorial, and rather more about the man than the music. 75] Graeme Tuckett from gave the film 3. 5 out of 5 stars, saying: Mystify is unapologetically one for the fans. But, seeing it as someone who thought he didn't particularly care about Hutchence's story, I was moved. 76] Eddie Harrison of The List awarded the film 4 out of 5 stars, remarking that "Mystify can only be a cautionary tale, yet there's plenty of evidence that Hutchence was an electrifying performer in his prime. 77] Time Out s, Philip De Semlyen described it "As the tragedy unfolds, there's a strange solace in seeing this captivating enigma somehow emerging intact" giving it 4 out of 5 marks. [78] The Sunday Times Edward Porter gave it three out of five stars, wrote "There are insights into the gloomy later years, but it's memorable chiefly for its envy-inducing picture of the upside of being a rock star. 79] Accolades [ edit] ASSG Best Sound for a Documentary: Robert Mackenzie - Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Designer, Simon Rosenberg - Dialogue Editor, Mick Boraso - Sound Designer, Lynn-Maree Milburn - Additional Sound Designer. 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